The Hall 07


Hall 07 is where the Austrian Wine magic happens. Check out my small list of which producers are a must visit! Be sure to check out as many Austrian producers as you can while you are visiting ProWein. Plenty of choice and what a opportunity to get to know the guys and gals behind the label and of course taste the diversity.

You can also check out the handy interactive map.

My ticklist:

  • Johann Topf H07 / A05
  • Johanneshof Reinisch H07 / A07
  • Prieler H07 / D33
  • Loimer H03 / G140 (Schellman H07 / A03)
  • Heinrich H07 / D13
  • Veyder-Malberg H07 / E07
  • Wieninger H07 / C13
  • Markowitsch H07 / C13
  • Schloss Halbturn H07 / C19
  • Claus Preisinger H07 / D13
  • Salomon Undhof H07 / C13
  • Weninger H07 / D19

..and many, many more! Looks like I’m going to be rather busy.

Don’t forget to attend any tastings that Austrian Wine Marketing Board is hosting. For a full list of their tastings, download the pdf through here


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