Who? Wachter-Wiesler

is a marriage of two wineries from Southern Burgenland, near theHungarian border. Wachter and Wiesler both have been focusing on making wines from Blaufränkisch near the Eisenberg in the village of Deutsch Schützen. A marriage between Josef Wiesler and Gerda Wachter started the bond between these two wineries. Later Josef decided to head on to different career, so he leased hes vineyards to Franz Wachter and thus was Wachter-Wiesler born and their first wine together was Béla-Jóska.

Today the winery is run by Christopher Wacther with the help of hes father Franz and her mother Theresia. Christopher is another young winemaker in Austria who has been going through the day to day jobs in their wine cellar or at their local wine tavern called Buschenschank. Though the wine bug that bit Christopher and started hes wine craze was at Klosterneuburg school where he attended to study viticulture.

Christopher has also worked together with Nieeport by attending to one of their harvest. This could have resulted in sparking a small project that has something to do with Blaufränkisch and port wine, but shh, I think It’s still a delicious secret.Christopher at Work (c) Wachter-Wiesler

The winery is located near Eisenberg which soil is dominated by slate and rich iron loam. This helps the native grape variety Blaufränksich to bloom and give that great mineral expression. It also hosts the Weissburgunder and Welschriesling. They also have vineyards near the Deutsch Schützener mountain where some Merlot, Zweigelt and Cabernet Sauvignon is grown.

“For me, a wine is most interesting, natural and authentic when it is known where its grapes are grown, and that is why all of our efforts go into putting the typical expression of the soil into the wine.”  – Christopher Wachter

I was fortunate enough to taste through their range of wines at ProWein at 2012 and indeed, they were an great expression of the soil and terroir that is situated there. Very mineral driven and delicious, quality wines. It was a great pleasure to meet Christopher himself presenting hes wine. I highly suggest seeking out their wines and taste them.

For more info, visit their website at http://www.wachter-wiesler.at/en/


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