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Small thoughts on ProWein

ProWein and Düsseldorf is in the past and it was loads of fun but at the same time very tiring. Walking from hall to hall and tasting as many wines as you can. Some did really not make me smile, but some where mind blowing.

The Austrians got their own hall at number 7 and it had a loads of Austrian wineries ready to be tasted, swirled and spitted. Unfortunately I did not have a change to go through all of them, but there was a good presentation of Austrian wineries. The usual and the great was of course available Loimer and it’s “sub-division” Schellmann, Johan Topf and new faces like Gut Oggau which has a interesting storie behind their wines, but for that we need another “Who?“-post!

Fairs like these are the best way to connect with people and making new friendships. It’s always easier to contact a winemaker/producer when you have met him. It’s also great to get that insight to hes wines and hear hes stories about hes vineyards and soil. This is what AustrianThirst is all about, it will be about the people, what they do and how they see their wines, what makes them tick and what drives them to wake up at 4 am to take care of their vineyard or making sure that the wine they are producing is just right.

Being just a trade fair I got a good response when I said that I’m a blogger and the producers where happy to share their wines with me. One producer actually said that “You are crazy”, when I said I have just started a blog only about Austrian wines. Well, I like crazy, so I take it as a compliment.

Summa summarum, it was a great fair and I had loads of fun! Düsseldorf is a beautiful city and actually rather cheap I might add and they have the most amazing

Rumpsteaks I have ever eaten and crazy sized Haxe, picture on the right.

Hope to come back next year as well. It was a such pleasure to meet you all at ProWein!


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